7 Ideas For Building Business Teams

Building solid business teams can be a struggle for many business executives and even seasoned members of a board. It’s a major decision that will affect the direction the business will take in the coming years. Here are some ideas for executives to remember when building their teams:

  1. Know and Define Objectives

In order to make any progress with team members, executives must first figure out what the team’s objectives will be. Once the objectives are set, they must be openly defined to each member of the team. This will help the whole team be on the same page moving forward.

  1. Understand Weaknesses

Good business managers know what their weaknesses are and they hire people to fill in those gaps. There is no shame in admitting weakness and it will actually help managers gain the trust of their team members. Members will likely feel more comfortable disclosing their weaknesses if they see a manager leading the way.

  1. Set Expectations Up Front

The best business teams always set expectations before beginning any project. Setting expectations gives structure and stability to the project and to the company. It can also help avoid potential problems as the project progresses.

  1. Create a Strong Company Culture

Companies without a strong culture that employees embrace will eventually implode. Creating a strong culture creates a more productive environment for employees and provides more cohesion for the team as a whole.

  1. Be a Friend

Perhaps the principle that is most overlooked by managers and team members is being a friend. Business teams will work much more productively if they feel that their coworkers and boss are friends that they can turn to for ideas or help.

  1. Give Prompt, Useful Feedback

Many managers are prone to hold back from giving feedback in the hopes that their team will figure it out. However, even with setting expectations beforehand, team members can unintentionally veer from the company’s desired path. Prompt, useful, and direct feedback is crucial to ensure teams stay in line with the company’s vision.

  1. Always Celebrate Successes

All too often, managers are so concerned about completing everything on their checklist that they forget to celebrate their team’s successes. This is a dangerous habit that will stifle productivity and team energy. Taking just a few minutes to highlight and celebrate successes of the team will provide more energy than all of the criticism in the world.

Business teams can be difficult to put together with the right mix of cohesion, culture, and talent. Applying these guidelines will help members be proud to be part of the team and provide their best work possible.