Accounts Receivable Financing

Financial Assistance through Factoring

accounts-receivable-financingFar too many of our clients come to us in dire need of financing without realizing that they’re currently sitting on a wealth of unrecognized business assets. What they fail to realize is that by leveraging the financing potential of these assets, they can easily get the funds that they need in order to achieve their goals. We here at EDM Capital take it upon ourselves to help them see this.

Accounts Receivable Financing Details

One such asset that you may not realize you have is your outstanding invoices. Through our Accounts Receivable Financing program, you can sell those invoices to us, allowing you to move on to taking on new contracts from new clients as we get to work on collecting from your current customers.

What is Factoring?

This process, also known as factoring, also gives you the added benefit of financial protection when taking on new deals. As we assume the responsibility of collecting on your invoices, we’ll assist you as you bring on new clients by:

  • Checking potential customers credit profiles and payment histories
  • Offering you credit insurance at no added cost
  • Agreeing upon no recourse even if that client is unable to pay

Through this added service, both of us benefit from avoiding doing business with those clients that present a bad debt risk.

See for yourself just how easily we can take your invoices and turn them into business capital sources. By financing receivables, you’re not only getting immediate funds while avoiding debt, but you’re also passing the burden of collecting on your outstanding invoices to us, giving you more time to focus on your business. If you’re ready to incorporate factoring into your business operations, call and speak with one of our financial professionals today.