Bridge Loans and Hard Money

Bridge Loans & Hard Money Financing in 60007

Prepare for Your Next Big Payday with Us

bridge-hard-money-financingWhen you have a large deal looming on the horizon, nothing can be more maddening that realizing that you don’t currently have the resources to support it. Without help, that big payday can easily be lost. Yet it doesn’t need to be. Provided that you have the right business assets, we here at EDM Capital can offer you bridge loans and/or hard money financing.

What Bridge Loans Can Do for You

Your commercial real estate holdings or current production projects can easily be turned into funding tools. We can offer you a short-term bridge loan using these assets as collateral to help you position yourself to better meet the demands of a pending financial boom. These extra funds could prove to be extremely beneficial by allowing you to:

  • Purchase new equipment
  • Increase your production capacity
  • Bring on new staff

As time is of the essence in arranging these deals, we can get your application turned around in as little as 5 days. That allows you access to up to $100 million to quickly gear up for your next big deal.

Don’t let the chance to take advantage of a significant deal slip away just because of a current lack of funds. Through our Bridge Loans and Hard Money programs, you can use your current business assets to get you the right kind of financial support that you need in advance of a potential financial windfall. At EDM Capital, we offer short-term financial solutions such as these to help support your long-term success. For more information, just give us a call today.